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About Whole Person Center

The Whole Person Center serves as a supportive virtual community for wellness, learning and connection. The Center’s mission is to improve the human condition by providing direct health and wellness services while supporting the development of highly competent professionals. Committed to social justice, diversity, advocacy and inclusion, the Whole Person Center offers research and internship opportunities along with community health services and interprofessional education. Available and upcoming offerings include support groups, Webinars on HeartMath, nutrition and financial health; training series on Mindfulness, affordable access to Gottman training Level 1, biweekly yoga, cooking classes, a podcast series, blogs on diverse topics, and more.

WPC Mission statement:

At the Whole Person Center, we strive to provide accessible, comprehensive, and holistic health and wellness services to individuals of all backgrounds, empowering them to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

WPC Vision Statement:  

Our vision at the Whole Person Center is to create a safe and supportive virtual space for individuals to explore their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Meet the Team

Aurélia Bickler
Dr. Aurélia Bickler is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AAMFT and State Approved Supervisor. Being born and raised in Paris, France, Aurélia is fluent in French, English and conversational in Spanish and Hebrew. She received her Master (2007) and Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy (2013) from Nova Southeastern University and has been a certified hypnotherapist since 2005. Aurélia began her career as an intern for S.U.P.E.R.B. (Students United with Parents and Educators to Resolve Bullying) where she eventually became the organization’s Executive Director. Bickler taught and supervised as an adjunct Professor for Nova Southeastern University and as a Full Time Professor for National University. In 2011, Aurélia established her private practice, Changing Forward, LLC and ultimately expanded to a multidisciplinary Family Center where clinicians, attorneys, yoga teachers and nutrition coaches have worked collaboratively to help their clients reach their desired outcomes. In November 2021, Aurélia began her role as the Inaugural Director for the Whole Person Center and is looking forward to bringing exciting opportunities, services and adventures to the community. In her free time, Aurélia plays the piano and sings. She enjoys traveling, puzzles, and art; especially made by her talented husband, Marcus. Together, they have 3 children, 2 dogs, 1 bird and several fish.
Jill Mitchell
Dr. Jill Mitchell is the program manager for the JFK School of Psychology and Social Sciences. In this role she supports the Whole Person Center by developing projects, boosting collaboration, and seeking solutions to increase efficiency of processes. She uses her expertise of unconscious bias to develop innovative strategies which consider the implications of implicit cognitive urges. Currently residing in Tennessee, Jill is slowly building a homestead that embodies her commitment to sustainable living and harmony with nature.
Zvi Bellin
Dr. Zvi Bellin is an Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology at National University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private psychotherapy practice based in Oakland, CA. Zvi has published research about the intersection of meaning-in-life and mindfulness in peer-reviewed journals and has broadened his research interests to include the decolonization of research methodology. He is currently participating in the first cohort of the East Bay Meditation Center’s leadership program. Zvi leads therapeutically oriented mindfulness trainings and retreats where he integrates spiritual and psychological practices.
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