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This was a very helpful and informative webinar! Thank you!! I'd love to learn more! This was extremely helpful and I would love to see more of these webinars.

I recently made significant changes in my life that reduced my 'circle'. This was important for my healing journey. I hold gratitude for the Integrating Mindfulness in Professional Service cohort and the space it creates for me to be among people who are also experiencing profound inner changes and who may wish to share their experiences and learn from each other. I am sure this experience will enhance all facets of my life, work, and sense of community.

I loved the Making Cents of Your Money Webinar and have been wanting to take more advantage of opportunities to learn from faculty! Thank you for providing and engaging us in learning and discussion about life and controlling those stressors that affect us all

Thank you for this yoga session - much needed and perfect timing. After a crazy hectic morning this yoga helps me regroup & refocus to tackle the rest of my day. Also sets the momentum for the rest of my week!

Being a grad student at Northcentral has been a serious adjustment and I've noticed there's a lot of Heartmath that I've actually experienced which points to a need to understand it better for myself and for others in the future. This week especially in the final week of my first course where I'm experiencing burnout and still need to do other serious things, which I can't seem to multi-task

Exploring and Understanding Intersectionality with Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio feedback:

  • "This was an AMAZING event and I'm so grateful that NU offered it!!! Thank you!!!"

  • "Thank you, Dr. J for creating a safe space and presenting on this topic. I appreciated the energy in the room and the structure of the event."

  • "Thank you so much, NU for this discussion. Thank you for selecting the speaker. Her level of expertise and unique perspective on this topic was absolutely impactful! It was also very enriching to have the breakout groups. At the end of the meeting there was a mentioning of this becoming a series. I hope that it is and that N.U. facilitates this discourse!"  

The feedback for Exploring and Understanding Intersectionality with Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio was shocking! Participants felt a connection to all Five NU Pillars (as shown in the table below) and 41 of the 77 participants provided feedback expressing interest in continuing the conversation...
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