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Mindfulness Training Collective

The Mindfulness Training Collective (MTC) organizes mindfulness training across the professional disciplines offered through National University. The MTC features a supervised quasi-decentralized model that includes faculty, staff, students, and alumni through which participants can teach, learn, and practice with one another. This means that anyone in our community can tailor mindfulness training offerings to the specific needs of their career path, identities, or program. The MTC’s approach to mindfulness has intersectional resilience at its core which integrates a trauma-informed lens and cultural humility. The MTC directly addresses the professional needs of its participants.

Dr. Zvi Bellin

Dr. Zvi Bellin is a Professor of Counseling Psychology at National University. Zvi is a faculty fellow at the Whole Person Center @ National University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private psychotherapy practice based in Oakland, CA. Zvi has published research about the intersection of meaning-in-life and mindfulness in peer-reviewed journals and has broadened his research interests to include the decolonization of research methodology. He is a graduate of the first cohort of the East Bay Meditation Center’s leadership program. Zvi leads therapeutically oriented mindfulness trainings and retreats where he integrates spiritual and psychological practices. 

Mindful Collective Upcoming Events

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